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Reusable roof anchor
Reusable roof anchor with screws - Reusable roof anchor with screws.
Reusable anchor (door / window)
Transportable anchor point, in galvanized steel, for door or window frames from 63 to 123 cm. Adjustable by clamping screw. Lightweight and extremely portable and weighing only 14 lbs, making it easy to transport, use and store ...
Concrete anchor
3MTM PROMC Protecta® Concrete D-Ring Anchor Plate is designed for concrete or steel has a D-ring and four integrated concrete bolts Our anchor connectors are constructed from materials...
Concrete anchor
Reusable Concrete Anchor - 3/4 inch Diameter Our anchorage connectors are constructed from premium quality materials, providing high strength and durability to withstand the toughest environments. Anchorage connectors, often overlooked,...
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