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QuietBand headband (25dB)
  These ergonomic plugs fit outside the ear canal opening for noise protection, while the band keeps you comfortable and prevents contact with dirty surfaces. Ideal for small jobs, on the go...
Replacement plugs for QuietBand headband (25dB)
  FEATURES EASY TO INSTALL CONVENIENT PACKAGING Replacement caps for headband 267HPB41050 Sold per: pack of 5 pairs Certification(s): CSA class BL
3M Yellow Neon (33dB)
Regular size fits most ear canals Soft, flexible foam for comfortable extended wear Sold by: box of 200 pairs Comfortable 3M ™ Yellow ™ Neon EA-RSoft earplugs are made of slowly expanding foam to .. .
3M No-Touch (29dB)
Push-to-fit model for convenient and hygienic adjustment Soft foam is attached to the LiveWire rod for easy insertion Foam tips stay clean, even with dirty hands Easily fit into the ...
3M Classic (29dB)
Resistant to sweat and humidity for use in a humid environment One size fits most ears The cylindrical shape creates a tight and comfortable joint for noise reduction Reduction index ...
Bluetooth® ISOtunes hearing protector - PRO 2.0
  Bluetooth 5.0® wireless hearing protector The ISOTUNES PRO hearing protector gives you a noise reduction index (NRR) of 27dB. Thanks to its built-in microphone and Bluetooth® technology, the ISOtunes PRO allows you to answer ...
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