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Bluetooth® ISOtunes hearing protector - PRO 2.0
  Bluetooth 5.0® wireless hearing protector The ISOTUNES PRO hearing protector gives you a noise reduction index (NRR) of 27dB. Thanks to its built-in microphone and Bluetooth® technology, the ISOtunes PRO allows you to answer ...
IsoTunes Bluetooth® LINK hearing protector
  Wireless Hearing Protector with Bluetooth® 24dB Noise Reduction Index (NRR) * Bluetooth® technology allows you to stream entertainment from your mobile phone and any other compatible device ...
AM / FM Radio Hearing protection SyncTM Digital (25dB)
  Five preset AM / FM stations Built-in antenna (snag-free) Voice-activated menu Lightweight 3,5mm jack for audio input Provides excellent interference-free reception, even in harsh weather conditions Comfortable for prolonged use, soft cushions for. ..
QuietBand headband (25dB)
Certification (s): CSA class BL Replacement plugs QB200HYG also available
Howard Leight Headband Hearing protector (24dB)
  Comfortably adjusts to a diverse range of head sizes Ideal for workers with larger ears or wearing hearing aids Steel wire construction with padded headband and precise micrometric adjustments Uses memory foam ...
3M Headband hearing protector (25dB)
The stainless steel construction resists bending and deformation The articulation points of the shells pivot for exceptional comfort and efficiency Ultra light and liquid / foam filled pads for comfortable prolonged wear Code of ...
3M Headband hearing protector (30dB)
Noise Reduction Rating (IRB) *: 30dB CSA Class AL Stainless steel headband distributes weight to relieve fit pressure For noise levels up to 105 dBA * Protective pads ears filled with liquid / foam for ...
Hard Hat mounted 3M Hearing protector (24dB)
Helmet mount design allows efficient use with most helmets Liquid / foam filled ear protection pads for comfortable extended wear Color coded for convenient tracking Noise Reduction Index (IRB) *: .. .
3M Classic (29dB)
Resistant to sweat and humidity for use in a humid environment One size fits most ears The cylindrical shape creates a tight and comfortable joint for noise reduction Reduction index ...
3M No-Touch (29dB)
Push-to-fit model for convenient and hygienic adjustment Soft foam is attached to the LiveWire rod for easy insertion Foam tips stay clean, even with dirty hands Easily fit into the ...
3M Yellow Neon (33dB)
Regular size fits most ear canals Soft, flexible foam for comfortable extended wear Sold by: box of 200 pairs Comfortable 3M ™ Yellow ™ Neon EA-RSoft earplugs are made of slowly expanding foam to .. .
Howard Leight Laser-Lite (32dB)
Cordless NRR dB: 32 One size Certification: ANSI S3.19-1974 / CSA class AL Sold by: box of 200 pairs
Howard Leight Max-Lite (32dB) - corded
With NRR dB cord: 30 One size Certification: ANSI S3.19-1974 / CSA class AL Sold by: Box of 100 pairs
Replacement plugs for QuietBand headband (25dB)
  Replacement caps for QB2HYG headband Sold by: Pair Certification (s): CSA class BL
Electronic Hearband hearing protector for shooting ImpactSport (22dB)
CSA Class: B NRR dB: 22 Amplification of ambient sound up to 82 dB. When noise exceeds 82dB, the electronic system switches to passive hearing protection mode Allows users to hear ambient noise without compromising their safety Built-in stereo microphones ...
Howard Leight Hearing Protector for Headphones (23dB)
  Comfortably adjusts to a diverse range of head sizes Wide mouth shells ideal for workers with larger ears or wearing hearing aids Lightweight, cushioned headband Memory foam ear cushions ...
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