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First aid kits

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First aid kits
The content of our first aid kits meets Canadian requirements according to CAN/CSA Z1220-17. Make sure you provide an adequate number of first aid kits according to the regulations that apply to you. Employers had until March 17, 2021 to...
from $19.95
Wall-mounted eyewash station
Wall-mounted eyewash station The set includes: The wall bracket and the empty eyewash bottle (F4570301). The sterile eye wash solution is sold separately (See product F4501189 or F4501169).
Eyewash bottle (empty)
Eye wash bottle Can be used on wall bracket F4560701 The sterile eye wash solution is sold separately (See product F4501189 or F4501169).
Cloth bandages (100x)
- Cloth dressings 7.5cm x 2.2cm -Made of waterproof stretch fabric -Latex-free -Breathable -Box of 100
Assorted pins (12x)
Set of 12 assorted stainless steel pins

Band Aid Tape

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Band Aid Tape
Length: 10 yards
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instant cold compress
-Simple to use, just squeeze the compress to acrive it -No refrigeration needed -Can reach a temperature of 0°C for 30 minutes -Disposable after use Dimensions: Small = 18cm x 11.5cm Large = 25xm x 15xm
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Aluminum emergency blanket
-Emergency blanket that retains the body's body heat in an emergency situation. -Size: 213cm x 132cm
Purell Hand Sanitizer 118ml
Purell MD Fragrance & Dye Free Antiseptic Gel in a 70% solution of ethyl alcohol Advanced formula kills 99.99% of common germs Effective in eliminating certain bacteria Contains vitamin E and glycerin 118ml size
Poison Ivy Cleaner - Tecnu
This cleanser extracts the oil secreted by poison ivy, poison ivy, and sumac. When applied within two to eight hours of exposure, Tecnu removes urushiol oil (itch-causing toxin) before itching begins. If itching is already occurring, this product removes all...
DETECTABLE blue fabric bandages (100x)
- Fabric plasters 7.5cm x 2.2cm detectable by metal detector -Made of stretchy and breathable fabric - Latex-free - Specially designed for food industries -Box of 100

Building Starter Kits

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Building Starter Kits
Here is the starter kit for construction sites! This kit includes: A first aid kit for 2 to 25 employees meeting Canadian requirements according to CAN/CSA Z1220-17. A 10'' x 14'' First Aid sign A 2.5LBS fire extinguisher A sign...
$229.95 $199.00
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