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MetGuardz Metatarsal Protector
Lightweight and durable composite metatarsal protector. Easy installation on all types of lace-up boots. Ideal for protecting laces and protecting the top of your foot from impact. Meets CSA and ASTM impact performance criteria. Single size.
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Waterproofing spray 300g
SILICONE WATER-GUARD Spray 300g (10.6oz) Water and stain repellent for brushed leather and suede, nylon, cotton, canvas and other fabrics.
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Waterproofing spray 160g
SILISPORT 160 g Aerosol, silicone waterproofing agent for leather goods and accessories such as boots, tents, canvas etc. Encourages the durability and softness of leather. May darken some leathers.
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Shoe Refresher
DIRECTIONS: Shake well. To open, turn the base of the atomizer to the left. Insert the atomizer into the shoe with the largest opening facing forward. Push to spray. To close, turn the base to the right. Never direct the...
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Mink oil / Mink oil
Conditions, waterproofs, softens and helps prevent salt damage on all leathers and synthetics. Ideal for waterproofing and protecting your boots during the winter season!
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ShoeGoo Shoe Glue
Shoe GOO is the #1 adhesive for shoe repair! Ideal for repairing worn soles or damaged heels, covering shoes to prevent premature wear and sealing galoshes, waders or rubber boots. The unique formula is designed for strong abrasion resistance and...
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Heavy Duty Boot Laces
72'' length ideal for construction boots Very robust material with Kevlar fiber
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