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Lockout tags
OSHA Compliant Descriptive Labels. Soft, 10 mil plastic Without pulp, without wood pulp Water proof, tear resistant for short term use 25/pkg 3-1/8'' x 5-7/8'' English
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One Key Thermoplastic Padlock
Designed exclusively for tagging and locking Durable, lightweight thermoplastic construction Special thermoplastic material provides superior performance against chemicals, moisture and UV rays Reserved cylinder for security offering over 40,000 key changes Key Retainer - ensuring the padlock is not left...
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Padlocks for circuit breakers
Effectively locks overload circuit breakers Multiple key changes offered to minimize unwanted key duplication 1 1/8" wide steel body; four-pin cylinder; 5" flexible steel cable Flexible cable allows the padlock to be moved and close the panel door properly Suitable.. .
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Adjustable cable locking device
Strong, 1/4" (13mm) diameter steel stranded cable is insulated with a clear, flexible vinyl coating to pass through virtually any latch point Up to four workers can affix their personal padlocks Infinitely adjustable for a solid fit every time Ideal...
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Interlocking device for circuit breakers
Patented and innovative Grip Tight™ design effectively locks circuit breakers Fits all American Lock ® and Master Lock ® security padlocks and hasps Two products replaces at least five; the former is used for single or double breaker switches, while...
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Group Power Lock Kit
Secure carrying case containing important locking devices and padlocks Personal sets for the individual worker; padlocks provided are keyed alike for worker convenience Sets include heavily used components that meet most applications UNDERSTAND: 3 Zenex TM padlocks, with identical keys...
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Electric and Valve Lockout Kit
Separate compartments for efficient grouping of (1) padlocks and hasps, (2) valve lockouts, and (3) electrical lockout components 1 hasp Kits include widely used components that satisfy most applications 2 wall switch covers - see for spare switch covers Group.. .
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Lock hasp
Attach the hasp to the switch-disconnector The switch cannot be placed in the on position until the last worker removes his padlock Steel jaw with vinyl coated grips
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portable lock box
with new Latch Tight MC locking mechanism Message in English, Spanish and French on box (call us for details) Feature Latch Tight ™ ensures the inaccessibility of the keys before the removal of the very last security padlock Complement to wall-mounted...
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Device for socket
New S2005 design which can now accommodate larger shackle padlocks and safety hasps For use with your existing safety padlocks and lockout hasps Compact design, locks 110V - 120V electrical outlets PADLOCKS NOT INCLUDED Works with grounded or ungrounded two-prong...
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Rotary locking device for plug
Outward/inward rotation for easy installation and storage Patented rotational design for easy installation in confined spaces Surround the electrical plug, protect against accidental reconnection Durable, lightweight, dielectric Zenex ™ thermoplastic body chemical resistant Includes highly visible permanent security labels (French, English.. .
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Lockout station
Heavy-gauge steel with a durable powder coat finish ensures long life in manufacturing environments Locate the security padlocks near the locking point Includes labels in French, English and Spanish Number of padlocks max. 8 / Dimensions: 6 1/4" x 1...
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Swivel latches for valve faucet
Unique outward rotation makes installation easy in enclosed spaces Surrounds the operating handle and protects against accidental opening of the valve Durable, lightweight, dielectric Zenex™ chemical resistant thermoplastic body; perform very well in extreme conditions (temperature range -50°F (-46°C)...
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Ball valve lock
Fits virtually all handles; metal and PVC, insulated pipes, ceiling or wall mounted pipes and hard-to-reach valves Made of PVC polyester fabric and HDPE plastic, it resists corrosive environments and is functional in temperatures between -40°F to 300°F Effectively locks.. .
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