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3M / Desrochers set (12 pockets)

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  • The set includes three Desrochers nail bags
  • Total of 12 pockets
  • Set includes Comfortable Positioning Harness for Construction 1161205C with EZ-Link canvas adapter, a fixed D-ring to minimize adjustments during work and breathable padding in the back and hips. Plus, a sturdy and durable waistband, pin buckles at the legs, a slip-on chest buckle, and side and back D-rings. Specially designed for added comfort, these harnesses have a total load capacity of 190 kg (420 lbs).

    Comfortable positioning harness for 3M Protecta® constructionMC with EZ-Link canvas adapter, a fixed D-ring to minimize adjustments during work and breathable padding in the back and hips. Plus, a sturdy and durable waist belt, pin buckles at the legs, a slip-on chest buckle, side and back D-rings, and restraining straps that automatically reset. These harnesses have a total load capacity of 190 kg (420 lb). Hardware Features Hardware features include prong buckles at the legs, a slip-on chest buckle, a parachute-style torso buckle, and side and back D-rings. Back D-ring provides an attachment point for the general fall arrest system and is included on all 3M Protecta® Construction Comfort Harness modelsMC. The lateral D-rings on the hips are used to fix positioning devices to allow workers to use both hands. Compliance with standards and regulations 3M Protecta® fall protection harnessesMC are designed for a maximum capacity of 190 kg (420 lb), including the worker's body weight, clothing, tools and other accessories. These fall arrest systems meet the requirements of OSHA 1910.140 and 1926.502. Quality Standards We rigorously test all of our 3M fall protection safety productsMC to ensure they meet international industry standards established by OSHA, MSHA, CSA and CE. Our ISO 9001-2008 certification and our ISO 17025 accredited on-site laboratory illustrate our commitment to quality and safety. Fundamentals of Fall Protection and OSHA Regulations Falling hazards pose a significant risk of serious injury or death to persons working at heights. OSHA has established safety standards that help increase the safety of employees whose jobs require working at height. An individual fall protection system is essential for the safety of workers at height. Personal fall protection systems that meet OSHA standards typically consist of four components: Anchors, as defined by OSHA, consist of fall arrest attachment points for securing lanyards, lanyards or lanyards. deceleration devices and are designed to remain secure under the forces generated during a fall. The anchors vary according to the industry, the job, as well as the type of installation and the structure. Body support refers to fall protection equipment that directly supports the worker's weight and keeps the body in a safe position. Worker comfort, fit, and ease of use are important points to consider when selecting body support material - such as a full body harness - that a worker may have to wear for extended periods of time during of a working day. Full safety harnesses evenly distribute the stopping force in the event of a fall to the shoulders, thighs, chest and pelvis. Fall protection harnesses have a back D-ring for attachment to a connector (such as a lanyard) and may have other D-rings to use for positioning the worker, restricting movement, extracting or climbing ladders. They are the only form of body support acceptable for fall arrest. The connecting devices are used to attach the worker's harness to the anchor. The types vary according to the needs of the worker; they are different if the worker must have a fixing point for the fall arrest system or for positioning and restricting movement. Employers must have a descent and rescue plan that allows workers to be rescued quickly in the event of a fall or that guarantees that workers can rescue themselves. The implementation of this plan may require the use of a specific rescue system designed for the application. 3M's Commitment to Worker Safety When working at heights, you must be able to trust your personal protective equipment, not only for your own good, but for that of your colleagues below. MC take worker safety to new heights with quality products, employees and service worthy of the DBI-SALA® 3M brandsMC and Protecta® 3MMC who you can trust. With harnesses designed to conform to industry standards and adapt to the needs of today's workforce, we are committed to making products that help employers bring workers home safely.


    • Replaces manufacturer product numbers 1191433C and 1191287C
    • Easy-connect canvas adapter allows for quick attachment of personal self-retracting lanyards, while freeing the D-ring for lanyards, aerial self-retracting lanyards or rescue devices
    • Fixed D-ring decreases the need to make new adjustments during the work day
    • Specially designed for increased comfort
    • Back padding that repels moisture, is breathable and has a soft edge for added comfort
    • Foam hip pad with mesh that provides breathability and added comfort
    • Durable and sturdy belt for convenience with the tool carrying bag
    • Self-closing retaining straps for quick and easy storage of carabiners
    • Impact indicators make it easy to inspect the harness for previous damaging impact loads
    • Protected labels for long-term identification and inspection
    • Side and back D-rings, back and hip padding, pin buckles on legs, pull-on buckle on chest


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